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Melius Consulting

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Sleep4Performance offers consultancy services through Melius Consulting.

Melius Consulting and associates have extensive expert international experience working in mining, oil and gas, military, rail, construction, aviation, elite athletic organizations and in research with world leading Universities. Our experience and clients includes; South 32, Newmont, Peabody, BHP, Rio Tinto, Anglo Gold Ashanti and industry groups such as IPIECA, OGP & ICMM. With research experience with notable organizations such as the US Military, University of Western Australia, Monash University, Loughborough and Harvard University.

“We believe in adding sustainable value to organizations through the improvement of health, safety and business practices”.

Melius Consulting achieve this through partnering with leaders to identify opportunities to improve performance. Melius Consulting operates across all industries and sectors with expert capability and experience in applied project management, continuous improvement and scientific research. We are a team of professional consultants who are experts in health, safety and business improvement. We work in partnership with your business to:

  • Diagnose and review areas for improvement.
  • Identify and scope high value/low cost opportunities for improvement.
  • Seek synergies with existing business practices to reduce rework and waste.
  • Identify additional value for the business; productivity and minimization of cost.
  • Support the change management process to unlock the value.

Melius Consulting is led by Dr Ian C Dunican and supported by consultants who are PhD and post-graduate degree qualified in data science, biostatistics, health promotion, experimental psychology, engineering, business, occupational health and safety, business improvement, science, physiology and statistical analysis.

Our service areas include:

OPTIMISATION OF SHIFTWORK & ROSTERS we have vast experience in the optimization of shift patterns, scheduling and rostering across many industries including mining, rail, exploration drilling, transport, aviation and elite sporting organizations (Super Rugby and Olympians).Our experience encompasses the development of shift scheduling to meet operational and production needs whilst complying with health and safety legislation and regulation.

TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION we work with organizations to identify opportunities to add appropriate technology solutions to minimize catastrophic/fatality risk within a business to enable a safe and productive work environment. We support the deployment of technologies that support health & safety and enable productivity whilst reducing costs through quality.

FATIGUE RISK MANAGEMENT, Melius health and safety consultants are amongst the world’s leading experts in Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS). Utilizing scientific expertise in conjunction with operational knowledge and experience to develop a data driven, cost effective, easy to use FRMS. We have delivered FRM systems in mining operations, rail, remote drilling operations, military, aviation and facilities management that have led to a quantified reduction in risk, improvement in employee relations and enabled increased productivity through a reduction in operational downtime.

AUDITING & REVIEW we provide health and safety auditing and review services to identify opportunities for improvement or as inputs for the business planning cycle including auditing for compliance to Safety Management System Audits such as AS/NZS 4801:2001 or OHSAS 18001:2007 and additional legislative requirements.

SCIENTIFIC DATA ANALYSIS AND DIAGNOSTICS across health, safety, engineering and production disciplines to support a data driven improvement process. Our people are PhD qualified in scientific disciplines and statistics and are experts in the application of statistical analysis to derive maximum value for businesses.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT & CHANGE MANAGEMENT Providing all aspects of project management services in our partnership with ORBIZ with change management specialization in challenging environments, Melius Consulting have successfully led and supported projects globally and facilitated intervention initiatives. Through the provision of leadership and critical analysis, Melius Consulting diagnose key problem areas, recommend short-term containment actions whilst working with the business to identify long-term countermeasures. Implementation of organizational and management system solutions that rapidly improve performance to put organizations and projects back on track.

Melius Consulting team are based in Perth, Melbourne and the USA.

Melius: Latin- to improve, to make better, in good style.