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Sleep4Performance is an expert consultancy service in sleep science and performance with international experience in North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australasia. Our professional experience includes mining, oil and gas, military and elite athletes. Previous projects completed by Sleep4Performance include Judo Australia, Boxing Australia, Boxing Brazil, Taekwondo Australia, Japan Judo team, Western Force and the Perth Lynx. In industrial applications our projects, includes Rio Tinto, Goldcorp, Hatch, Karara, Peabody and the International Council of Minerals and Metals.

Areas of specialization

Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) Fatigue, work hours and human error (Human Performance) is increasingly viewed by society as a major safety risk, leading to regulation by state governments, e.g. the adoption of a Code of Practice, Working Hours, WA.“Fatigue is a state of impaired physical and/or mental performance and lowered alertness arising as a result of inadequate restorative sleep” (Minerals Council of Australia 2004) Shifts, working hours and roster patterns are key factors in Human Performance due to the manner in which they interact with an individual’s circadian rhythms. These factors can lead to an increase in:

  • Incidents, accidents and fatalities if not managed properly.
  • Long-term health issues like obesity, heart problems, diabetes and gastrointestinal issues.
  • Reduced productivity and increased costs to an organisation.

Fatigue Risk Management Systems deployed in organisations can support a reduction in health and safety risks whilst supporting sustained productivity. The S4P team has had previous experience deploying FRM with Rio Tinto Iron Ore (WA), Kennecott Utah Copper (USA) Iron Ore Company of Canada (Canada), Oyu Tolgoi (Mongolia) Karara Mining and Rio Tinto Coal Mozambique.

Sports and Recovery Management System (SRMS)Athletes and athletic organizations are recognizing the importance of sleep for recovery and the emerging area of sleep and performance. The S4P team is working with a number of elite level Athletic organizations including Judo Australia, Boxing Australia, Boxing Brazil, Philadelphia 76ers, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) athletes,ultrarunning, Lynx basketball team and the Western Force.

Consultancy Services

Individualized sleep survey tool. This will be delivered online.A comprehensive sleep survey instrument consisting of four sections. These sections contain validated instruments as detailed below:

  • Section 1 general demographic: includes but not limited to height, weight, neck size, children.
  • Section 2 health information: includes diagnosis of medical conditions, world health organisation alcohol audit tool, caffeine usage and timing, tobacco usage, sleep medication.
  • Section 3 sleep history: includes average amount of sleep per night, sleep disruptions, sleep during competition, sleep for recovery and importance of sleep.
  • Section 4 sleep hygiene: includes the Insomnia Severity Index (ISI) Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) and the Berlin questionnaire

Sleep assessment utilizing validated and approved actigraphy devices.One of the critical elements of the Self-Managed FRMS is the ability to measure individual workers’ sleep and fatigue in an objective and scientifically valid way. Using the Fatigue Science ReadiBand actigraphs to collect information about sleep and body clock states. This provides scientifically validated accurate measurements of an individual worker’s sleep, fatigue and accident risk. It is an unobtrusive, lightweight, waterproof, easy to wear actigraph, similar to a sports watch. Workers wear it 24/7 for 7-14 days. Wrist actigraphy is recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as an “accurate estimate of sleep patterns in normal, healthy adult populations and in patients suspected of certain sleep disorders.”

Organizational Services

Training and Education. Provision of appropriate educational material for employees and contractors as part of an induction process or as identified by a training needs analysis. The educational material covers a wide range of areas including shift work, sleep environment, alcohol, drugs, and travel, and sleep science, fitness for work and the management of fatigue in the workplace

Roster Modeling and Assessment.The scientific assessment of rosters shifts and scheduled to aid in the design, risk assessment and management of fatigue risk in organizations. Utilizing Bio mathematical modeling software “Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool (FAST) /SAFTE is a bio-mathematical model of how time of day (circadian rhythms) and sleep patterns affect worker fatigue, accident risk and performance. It is used to optimize rosters, trainings schedules and travel to reduce the risk of errors, anticipate worker fatigue and demonstrate how roster changes affect fatigue and performance. It is a desktop application of the SAFTE model. FAST is currently used by the Australian Department of Defense, US and Canadian militaries and is recommended by Munich Re insurance as well as sports organizations like the Vancouver Canucks and the Seattle Seahawks. FAST overview click here

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