S4 Ep 07: Chrononutrition

With special guest: Alan Flanagan

In this episode of S4P, we welcome Alan Flanagan. Alan has an MSc in Nutritional Medicine, is currently pursuing his PhD, and is a former practicing lawyer (Barrister) from Dublin, Ireland.

Alan runs Alinea Nutrition; an online education hub, dedicated to empowering others with clear, impartial, evidence-based knowledge and understanding about the science of nutrition.

Alan is also the Research Communication Officer for Sigma Nutrition, where he has written an excellent Sigma Statement on How Sleep and Nutrition Interact”.

You can also read Alan’s recently published article entitled Dietary Patters of Nurses on Rotational Shifts Are Marked by Redistribution of Energy into the Nightshift”.

Follow Alan on Instagram @thenutritional_advocate

Or get in contact with him via his website https://www.alineanutrition.com/demo-home/