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Managing Sleep & Jet Lag for Optimal Performance

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The book entitled “Managing Sleep and Jet Lag for Optimal Performance” provides a user-friendly overview of the challenges faced by business people and athletes when travelling across multiple time zones. More importantly, the text highlights the scientifically proven techniques for addressing these challenges. At the outset, readers are presented with information about the basics of sleep and the body clocks, as well as the problems that occur when sleep and the body’s normal 24-hour rhythms are disrupted.

Once the clear physiological foundations of these issues are highlighted, readers are provided with practical guidance on time-zone adjustment and performance-optimization strategies. Computerized schedule-design tools for trip planning and training schedules are discussed along with tips on managing light exposure, using sleep medications, improving the sleep environment, and establishing good sleep habits.

The text concludes with a listing of three basic computer applications that can help promote adjustment to new time zones. In addition, suggested reading resources are offered for those wishing to further explore the management of sleep and the body clock during international travel.

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