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Eat, Sleep, Exercise….Repeat

Sometimes on a Saturday afternoon between 14:00-17:00 my wife and I will often take a trip into town to amble about the shopping precinct to see what’s happening or purchase items that we may need. After a week of work and a tough Saturday morning of a 2-hr swim and 90 mins of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, […]

Caffeine and Sleep in Elite Rugby Players


Recently I had a paper accepted and published in the European Journal of Sports Science. The aim of this paper was to examine the relationship between regular game-related caffeine consumption on sleep after an evening Super Rugby game. Although the benefits of caffeine on physical performance are well documented, the impact on sleep from the use of caffeine […]

Are wrist-activity monitors good for measuring sleep?


Over the last few years there has been an increase in the use of novel consumer based wrist-activity monitors. Examples of these that most of you are familiar with are; Fitbit™, Jawbone™ and Misfit™ to name but a few. You may wear these devices to quantify your movement throughout the day in steps or kilometres or […]

What happens during sleep ?


So what happens when we close our eyes at night? A lot of people think the brain is inactive during sleep, but science tells a different story. The typical adult goes through 4-5 sleep cycles between the time at lights-out and the time at wake up. These cycles include alterations between the two main types […]

What is Sleep ?


The function of sleep in humans is multi-faceted. Sleep in humans is divided into two main types Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM). Many processes occur during sleep and throughout the different stages of sleep, such as “physical repair” with the release of growth hormone during stage 3 NREM sleep and “psychological […]

The role of sleep and recovery in combat athletes (Blog 3 of 3)


Pre-workouts drinks and caffeine? Caffeine is most widely used psychoactive drug used in athletic populations. It is predominately used by athletes in response to acute sleep loss following travel and for acute performance improvement to combat fatigue during training and competition. Caffeine recommendations for performance improvement range from 2-9mg per kg of body weight. When […]

The role of sleep and recovery for combat athletes (1 of 3 blogs)


So, you want to be an ultimate fighter? An infamous statement by Mike Goldberg (Former UFC commentator). So, what does it take to be a professional or amateur fighter in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing, grappling or any combat sport? The answer to that question is multi-folded. In the upcoming blog posts, […]

Sleep4Performance Knowledge Share


Good day and welcome to our 2nd knowledge share this year. Research  A new investigation into the effects of electronic gadgets has revealed that the removal of these devices for a set period does not affect sleep quality or quantity or influence performance in young athletes. The results suggest that to encourage optimal athletic performance, […]

Post-Holiday Sleep…Why do I feel so bad?


Last day of your holidays; That dreaded night before you return to work (includes students, contractors, athletes etc.). You try to go to bed early, you toss, you turn and you can’t seem to fall asleep. Your mind races, thoughts of work, things to do and all the deadlines that you must meet. So why […]